Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Toys

New Toy #1

So I finally got my hands on a brand new copy of Final Cut studio as I've been waiting to upgrade from Express for a few years now. It comes with Motion, Soundtrack, Compressor, DVD Studio, and a few other things... basically everything you need to create high end one package.
Check it out here:

I was even able to get 2 Apple Pro Training Final Cut 7 books to help me take my knowledge of the program to the next level... which I'm pretty excited about. So I was all set to install Final Cut on my computer the other day when I realized that the program requires Mac OSX 10.5.6. So I go to upgrade my computer to leopard and find out that I forgot my copy of leopard at my parents St.Catharines.... which means I'll have to wait another week to use the program when I'm able to head to St. Catharines.. which brings me to

New Toy #2

The Alesis Palm Track recorder.
Check it out here:
I also have to pick this one up in St. Catharines. Just found out about this bad boy. It's a hand held recording device that records audio at mp3 quality and pro audio quality of 48k 24bit. It's fairly cheap and worth checking out. I grabbed it to use as a sound recorder for my film "Trick or Treat". It will work great with the Canon 7d which has great picture quality but no manual controls for the audio.

I'm counting down the days.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Movie Reviews on the Quick - July 02, 2010

So in the last week or so I've had the chance to check out a variety of films so here is my thoughts on them.

Wow, what can I say. One of the worst films I've ever seen. It's laughably bad and the surprise ending is a total cheap shot. I'm not sure what movie it was trying to be but it doesn't work as a drama, a romantic comedy, or a coming of age story. The only good part of the movie was the board room argument between Brosnan and Pattinson... and that lasted a whole 4 minutes. The weirdest part of the film is how a simple head shaving seems to be the tragedy that brings the family back together. Just like the actions of it's characters "Remember Me" is all over the place.

Not a bad film... but not great. There is some good ideas here and some laughs. But in the end it never really comes together. The highlight is by far Crispin Glover.

Has a really good set up, with some decent performances. The film falls a bit flat in the middle with the characters going from one set piece to the next with really no reason or development. The CGI is not very good in a few scenes especially the end. Overall the filmmakers deliver a watchable film with some good scares... just shut it off before the last five minutes.

A good retelling of the original story. I liked the hyped up action sequences and the China locations. However, the film is basically a remake copying the original story in just about every way. The performances are good but lack the depth of the original. And the fact that it's called the Karate Kid and the boy is learning Kung Fu... leads me to wonder why they just didn't do their own film loosely based on the original.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trick or Treat Update 1

Over the past year I've been working on a short film script entitled "Trick or Treat". The film is a short horror/thriller set on Halloween night. Here's the synopsis:

"For Sam and her friends Halloween is a night filled with tricks and treats. The name of the game is whose prank is the scariest. The fun ends when Sam begins receiving bizarre gifts on her doorstep. Is this just another prank or has someone changed the rules?"

To date I'm at the tenth draft of the script and the story is getting better with every version. My producing partner Tracy and I have been working out the details of the shoot since May and we are moving forward on a late August shoot. We are currently in the middle of the casting process.

This is the first update post for the film and I will continue to make updates as things progress. For more info on the film please check us out on facebook at: